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Club Events / AGM 2017
« on: March 17, 2017, 07:13:29 PM »
As announced on 8th March, the 2017 Archery Annual General Meeting will be taking place in The Union on Wednesday the 22nd of March 2017 at 7pm.

As with other years it will be a requirement for anybody planning to stand for a position to submit their intention along with a short manifesto supporting their bid for the respective position. These will be made available for the club to read prior to the meeting and allow them to think of any questions they would like to have answered at the AGM by the individual standing.

Anybody running for a position or proposed amendments/additions to the constitution have to be made in writing and submitted to the club email by the 20th of March and will be made available to see in the agenda.


Committee Positions/Nominations

Current Constitution

Proposed Constitution Changes - No changes submitted

Proxy Voting Form

Update 18/03/2017 11:26:
- Current Constitution Link added
- Updated Committee Roles to include Alumni Officer remit description

Update 18/03/2017 12:07:
- Deadline for applications changed to 20/03/2017 23:59

Update 21/03/2017 00:09:
- Manifestos updated

Update 21/03/2017 20:03:
- Provisional Agenda added

Update 21/03/2017 20:29:
- Proxy Voting Form added

General Discussion / MOVED: Arrow Seminar / Arrow Repairs
« on: February 11, 2016, 02:42:10 PM »

e-League / 2015/2016 - e-League Scores
« on: October 25, 2015, 01:59:14 PM »
I will use this topic to submit scores for the e-league this year. Post your Portsmouth scores shot below and they will be included in each months entry. I need the following info for each score, and there needs to a a copy of the score sheet held also:

Golds (10s):

You can see the results each month here: http://eleague.murleen.org/results/

General Discussion / MOVED: Buying your kit
« on: October 07, 2015, 09:10:38 PM »

General Discussion / MOVED: Committee 2014/2015
« on: October 07, 2015, 09:09:42 PM »

General Discussion / Tapatalk - Accessing the forum on Mobile Devices
« on: September 17, 2015, 07:25:45 PM »
The forum is meant to be an easily accessible source of information and discussion for all club members. Most of you will want to use the forum on your mobile devices and I'll be the first to admit the standard forum isn't the most mobile friendly.
With this in mind, I have installed the Tapatalk plugin to allow you to use the Tapatalk app to access and contribute to the forum. This is a free app available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and makes for a more user friendly experience on mobile. It's free to use, and it used by thousands of forums for this purpose. If you already use Tapatalk you can simply search for StrathArchery Forum in your app, if not I have included some instructions below to get you started!


1. Download the Tapatalk App from your App Store. You will find a link to the relevant app for your device on their website:

2. When you open the app for the first time it will run through an introduction and ask if you want to look for a site. Search for "StrathArchery" and select StrathArchery Forum (forum.stratharchery.org.uk):

3. A) Next it will ask you to sign up for a Tapatalk Profile. This is the profile which Tapatalk will use to remember which forums you subscribe to, not the user you use on the actual forum. You can use the same username for both or different ones:

3. B) If you already have a Tapatalk username click the login link and fill in your existing login:

4. The StrathArcher Forum will now be added to the list of forums you are following:

5. Select the StrathArchery Forum and you will be asked to input your forum specific login details:

6. One logged in you will be able to view all areas of the forum you have access to on the full website. You can choose to browse the forum by sub-forums, or by a timeline of posts, those you have not yet read or those which you have subscribed to:

7. You may subscribe to any post or sub-forum to get notifications of new postings within each. You just press on the small star at the top of the sub-forum or posting:


Also, the advantage of posting photos with Tapatalk is they are stored on their server, not ours. As server space costs money, we try to operate on a bare minimum of storage ourselves to save the club money for other interesting things!

Meet your Committee / 2015/2016 - Committee Members
« on: September 01, 2015, 09:41:58 PM »
Good evening everyone.

Well the votes are in and the election is complete, the club has a new Committee elect.

Captain: Claire Marsh (WeeBabyB)

Secretary: Emma Poulton (EmmaPoulton)

Treasurer: Penny Sentence (pennys93)

Equipment Officer: Shane Gaze (ShaneGaze)

Competitions Officer: Alex Blake (alexjblake)

IT & Records Officer: Jamie Paton (patonator)

Safety & Safeguarding Officer: Chris Green (Greener)

SSS Liaison: Alex Blake (alexjblake)

Congratulations to the incoming committee, the club is in good hands, enthusiastic hands, and I look forward to seeing how the club moves forward under their guidance.
There will be a short period of hand-over between the outgoing committee members and the new Committee.

Onwards and upwards :D

Archery GB Events / 2013/2014 - Under 21 and Novice Championships
« on: September 01, 2015, 09:21:31 PM »
This Sunday saw the first outing for the Strathclyde team at the Under 21 and Novice championships in Montrose. With a team of 11 setting off from Glasgow bright and early they arrived to compete against 90 of Scotland's other up and coming Archers in what would turn out to be a very worthwhile trip across the country.

With steady progress through the day it was clear from early on that there were going to be some new personal bests come from the day. Roisin Doyle was one that knew very early on she was in for a good day shooting after a strong start likewise was Nadezhda. For others not breaking personal bests it provided the perfect conditions to set a score to build on for the rest of the year, amongst them was Adam Ramsey (Barebow) who only recently started at the club some 6 weeks ago and shooting in the novice category set a brilliant first score of 288!

At the final whistle Strathclyde packed away and awaited the raffle with baited breath. Sadly it turned out to be one of Strathclyde's off days with only young Kyle winning himself a bottle of cheap champagne. Despite the raffle not being very profitable the awards ceremony fortunately provided more to cheer about. Of our 11 competing on the day 5 walked away with medals of those were a Gold for Alex Blake in the Under 21 Male Compound, a Bronze for BitchTits Hall in the Under 21 Male Recurve. Kyle along with his cheap champagne came away with a silver in the Under 18 Male recurve. A slightly worse for wear Claire Marsh got a Gold in the Under 21 Female Barebow and last but not least Nadezhda Shivarova with a Gold in the Under 21 Female Compound.

A huge well done for all those who walked away with a medal or personal best this time and for those who didn't you'll be looking for one next time! Next up for Strathclyde is their first League match in two weeks time hosted by ourselves at Strathclyde University!

Full results :

Alex Blake : 559 Gold Under 21 Compound

Shane Gaze : 502

BitchTits Hall : 530 Bronze Under 21 Male Recurve

Kyle Kennedy : 431 Silver Under 18 Male Recurve

Callum Kirkpatrick : 457

Roisin Doyle : 493 PB!

Claire Marsh : 353 Gold Under 21 Barebow

Adam Ramsey : 288 PB!

Nadezhda Shivarova : 552 Gold U21 Female Compound

Jonathan Jacobs : 473

SSS Events / 2012/2013 - SSS Outdoor Champs
« on: September 01, 2015, 09:16:36 PM »
Hosted by Edinburgh University.

Senior Team - 7/7
Novice Team - 4/6

Ranking Individuals:

J Paton - 1st Gents Compound
A Blake - 2nd Gents Compound
A Harkens - 3rd Novice Women Barebow
N Shivarova - 1st Novice Women Compound

BUCS Events / BUCS Indoors 2013
« on: September 01, 2015, 09:12:00 PM »
Two tow trucks, a support vehicle, taxi, a detour via an arnold clarke dealership and a new bus later we eventually made it to Telford for the British Universities & Colleges Sports Indoor Champs, being hosted by Scottish Student Archery.

Senior Team - 25/39

Jamie Paton - 550
Dominick Perrocco - 535
Jun Qin - 498
Philip Tolland - 496

Novice Team - 19/31

Jamie Smith - 482
BitchTits Hall - 447
Nadezhda Shivarova - 413


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