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Author Topic: Scoring  (Read 288 times)


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« on: October 23, 2015, 10:08:20 PM »
So itís been great to see so many Novices shooting scores and good ones at that! 

I thought I would write a quick post on how to fully fill out a scoresheet.  Most scoresheets follow a similar structure but have slight differences.  If youíre ever scoring at a competition and youíre a little unsure donít be afraid to ask someone, theyíll always help you out!

The most important thing whilst filling out a score sheet is to make sure youíre details at the top are correct!  Some competitions will have your information already printed at the top of the scoresheet and some you will have to fill in yourself, make sure itís correct or you could find yourself in the wrong category!

When youíre writing the arrow values in they should always be called highest to lowest in groups of 3 arrows (If shooting 6 arrows an example would be "Ten, Ten, Ten, *pause* Nine, Nine, Nine") whilst the archer calls their arrow values they should be pointing arrow as they call it's value, you and your target companions should be checking what theyíre calling. Misses get marked with an "M".  You then write them down in the space provided whilst repeating back what they have called. During the scoring process you shouldn't ever touch your arrows, if there is a disagreement on arrow value and you've touched the arrow you will end up getting the lower value! If an arrow value is incorrectly called, or you make a mistake a judge must be called and will make any amendments in red ink, donít ever change the value yourself and donít be afraid of asking a judge toÖeven the most experienced archers at the top levels still make mistakes!

Typically target sheets follow a horizontal structure, the below image will explain this better.  After half a dozen there will be a half dozen total and at the end of the dozen the two half dozen scores should be added together to make the dozen total.  Also at the end of the dozen there will be a hits and 10ís column which naturally is the total hits and 10ís shot in that dozen

Also at the end of the scoresheet there will be a Running Total column (RT).

At the end of the shoot as an archer it is your responsibility to check over your score and importantly the addition! You will have to sign for your score and if you sign for a lower score, you will get that lower score! Sadly if you sign for a higher score you get the real score!

Make sure that at the end of a shoot ALL the boxes are filled in! Event organisers wonít do your maths or fill in empty boxes and they will be quick to return your scoresheet or worse reject your score!

Key things to remember!

  • Double check your details!
  • Get a judge for any changes!
  • Do all the maths!
  • Check your final score!
  • Sign for your score!

And as always, if you have any questions ask!

Blake x
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